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"Jnana yoga, the "path of knowledge," is an intellectual and introspective practice to connect with the inner Divine Self. While this Jnana yoga is considered one of the most difficult of yoga's practices, The Yoga of Truth gives us an easy start and a clear overview of this path. Marchand begins with a series of clear, straightforward questions that easily expose our ingrained false concepts of reality. With the help of simple reasoning and some basic yogic philosophy, these introspective questions guide us closer and closer to finding our true Self. Even if you are not concerned with attaining enlightenment, The Yoga of Truth will still provide a valuable context and understanding for the "play of life" and the spiritual roles of the ego, mind, intellect and consciousness."
Timothy Burgin -

" Seekers interested in searches for truth and Hindu spirituality will find an excellent guide in The Yoga of Truth, which uses a series of easy introspective questions to help penetrate the ego's barriers to understanding. The Yoga of Truth analyzes the steps to realization and higher consciousness, considering illusions and obstacles of ego and self. New age collections will find this engrossing."
Diane C. Donovan -

"How to throw out everything-body, thoughts, and memories-in the act of contemplation that is Jnana Yoga; from a founder of the Sanatan Society, which honors the work of Tantric scholar Harish Yohari."
Graham Christian -

" Peter Marchand has accomplished something unique in his new book, 'The Yoga of Truth'. He has turned Jnana Yoga, the highest non-dual philosophy, into a real page-turner. I found myself gently lifted page by page, step by step, to higher levels of understanding. Like an expert acupuncturist, Mr. Marchand's probing inquiry hits just the right areas of the psyche-releasing blockages that can keep us stuck to the superficial, ephemeral aspects of our being. I especially enjoy reading the book just before going to sleep; when I do, I find myself resting deeply and waking up each morning more connected to my unchanging Being."
Swami Asokananda, President, Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville, Integral Yoga International

"Just wanted to pass on my congratulations on a fantastic book. My wife has it with her constantly as a source of wisdom and encouragement in many ways. The writing is fluid and certainly on the right frequency for absorbtion. Have ordered her The Yoga of the Nine Emotions for Christmas present!."

Philip Gardiner, author of Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple revealed, The Ark, The Shroud and Mary, The Shining Ones, The Serpent Grail, Secrets of the Serpent, Gateways to the Otherworld, Secret Societies, Brotherhood of the Snake.

Peter Marchant foi estudante do antigo Jarish Johari, e este é um pequeno livro pleno de idéias profundas. Existem poucos livros que tratam do assunto 'Jnana Yoga' ou o a yoga do conhecimento, que é realmente a yoga para obtenção da própria consciência através da contemplação. Poderíamos dizer que jnana yoga é o princípio básico da maioria dos Upanishads e tantras, e também é apresentado no formato de diálogos. É exatamente a contemplação de questões que é fundamentada a jnana yoga. Com as questões introspectivas apresentadas neste livro, Peter Marchand guia o leitor na direção do descobrimento do verdadeiro Eu! Recomendado.
Marchand was a student of the late Jarish Johari and it is an insightful little book he has given us. There are few books treating the subject of jnana yoga or knowledge yoga, which is actually the yoga of obtaining selfawareness through contemplation. We might say that jnana yoga is the underlying principle of most Upanishads and tantras as it is presented in the format of dialogues-and it is exactly the contemplation of the questions that are the foundation of jnana yoga. With the introspective questions set forth in this book Marchand is guiding the reader towards the discovery of the true You! Recommended.

The Cauldron, Brasil

I didn't finish this book but what I did read was very clear, clarifying and deep. Sometimes when I read really deep things, they go over my head in such a way that I fall into a deep dreamless sleep, even if I wasn't tired at all. This book had that effect on me. I intend to finish reading it at some future time.
Shashi's Goodreads


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